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Portfolio Category: 商用雪櫃

吊柜系列 (Wall Mounted Cabinet)

Benefits: Stainless steel door frames, beautiful and durable./ Product at the bottom there are small cap./ Silent running, quiet environment. 優點:不銹鋼門框,美觀耐用/底盤式設計,衛生、易潔/靜音設計 電壓:220V/50Hz  |  溫度範圍:1/4C 產品型號Model 外型尺寸(mm)Exterior Dimensions 額定功率Power DTG1200W2 1200x450x(600+350) 220 DTG1500W2 1500x450x(600+350) 240 DTG1800W2 1800x450x(600+350) 260
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篏入式冰盆 (Upright Refrigerator)

Benefits: Silent running, quiet environment. Easy to meltice particles, energysaving Internal installation of LED lights. 優點:無氟、無臭氧破壞勢絕緣; 靜音設計,環境安靜;冰粒不易融化,節能、省力;內置LED照明,展示效果出眾。 電壓:220V/50Hz  |  溫度範圍:-5/5C
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低溫玻璃門展示柜系列 (Upright Refrigerator)

Benefits: Anti fog glass door, low temperature condensation./ Very thick and energy saving insulation, environment friendly./ internal installation of LED lights. 優點:防霧玻璃門,低溫不凝露/超厚節能保溫層,無氟環保/內置LED照明,展示效果出眾。 電壓:220V/50Hz  |  溫度範圍:-18/-22C 產品型號Model 外型尺寸(mm)Exterior Dimensions 額定功率Power D0.6L1FA 610x760x1980 560 D0.7L1FA 760x760x1980 660 D1.2L2FA 1220x760x1980 920 D1.2L2FA 1830x760x1980 1100
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風冷高身雪柜系列 (Upright Refrigerator)

Benefits: CCFA Free ODP zero foam insulation / Intelligence control panle / No drainage required Options: Full length dooors or pass through door / Gdoors for chiller only / High/Middle/Low/dual temperature 優點:無氟、無臭氧破壞勢絕緣/智能化控制面板/無需冷凝排水 選項:可改力全門、雙通門/高溫可改為玻璃門/高、中、低、又溫可選 電壓:220V/50Hz  |  溫度範圍:1/4C  |  冷凍溫度:-18/-22C
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